HyperText Markup Language

I started learning HTML when I was 15, on my third year in Highschool I always amazed how to code website. Now I'm rocking with HTML5

Cascading Style Sheets

Way back I found my self having issues with inline styles. I quickly fall in love with CSS and again with SASS, LESS and Stylus


I love JS, I love to code using AngularJS, BackboneJS, jQuery frameworks. JS is my soul of my applications. The butter for my bread.

Jon is one of the nicest and most talented guys I've worked with. He's both very quick at getting things done, and very quick at picking up new technologies. Jon is the best CSS developer I've worked with hands down, and he's equally ... more


Principal Web Developer

Jonathan has worked on several development projects for me, he is a hard working individual with a wealth of knowledge in his field. He has proven time and time again that he can deliver a great product that will suit ... more


Production Manager

Jonathan is a top-notch developer who is always looking for ways to improve things. During my time with Jonathan we were tasked with numerous updates to Guitar Center's mobile properties. Thanks to his knowledge ... more


Head of User Experience and Design