Why Invest in Fixed Income? Fixed income investments, such as individual bonds, bond mutual funds and ETFs, and brokered CDs, can play an important role in virtually any diversified portfolio for investors at all stages of life.


In this project, I worked with the E*TRADE designers, project/product managers and back-end developers. My main role here is to create and develop a single page app (SPA) with integration of Alfresco CMS. In this project we uses the newest web technologies such as BackboneJS, UnderscoreJS, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3 and API


  • Front-end development using CSS3, JS and XSL
  • Creating a logic for new and remove content in the navigation
  • Creating dynamic clean URL to avoid the data IDs
  • Creating overlays modals
  • Creating dynamic page contents, meta descriptions and meta titles.
  • Integrating the Alfresco content to SPA
  • Using BackboneJS, UnderscoreJS and jQuery for javascript coding
  • Creating a common class and html structure for content elements such as button, links, overlays.


  • Making the site functional and seamlessly works in IE8
  • Making the page lightning fast
  • Making the overlay models content printable
  • Making the flash swappable in tabs.
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