HardwareZone-Events was borne out of a need to fully synergize the communications cycle. We seek to enhance the communication of promoting technology and its benefits to audiences by offering a plethora of communication mediums: be it on print, on-line or on-ground. The synergy of our products and services serve for us to become the de-facto guide to IT lifestyle with the promise of inspired content, innovative design and quality services.


Back in 2009, I was hired by HardwareZone company to make a website for the their events services. HardwareZone is the #1 tech magazine in the Asia Pacific. I have a multiple role in this company such as web design, front-end development and back-end development. We are using JS, HTML, CSS, PHP and MySql for our project. I created our client website such as Oracle Philippines, Trevally Boats, ASUS Technology, ACER Computer and more. I will to feature this Hardwarezone Events main website.


  • Front-end development using CSS3, JS and HTML
  • WordPress as CMS and customizing the back-end to fit our needs
  • I designing multiple homepage, headers and footers
  • Custom portfolio page for magazine, website, and events
  • Creating and implementing custom theme for WordPress
  • Creating and Implementing PHPList in WordPress for our Newsletter
  • Flash player for magazine type design
  • Custom contact form that integrated in our database


  • Making the site functional and seamlessly works in IE6
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