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In this project, I worked with the GuitarCenter designers, project/product managers and back-end developers. My main role here is to create a WordPress theme that based on the designers specs. In WordPress we are using that as our CMS to manage our online classes. I created a custom plugins for CSV upload, single webpage registration form, APIs, and overlays.


  • Front-end development using CSS3, JS and HTML
  • Creating the JSON data view for stores and classes
  • Implementing touch swipe in the slider
  • Data manipulation
  • Making the site responsive for mobile, tablet, laptop and large screens
  • Creating and implementing custom theme for WordPress
  • Creating custom PHP for CVS upload, using really simple CSV importer plugin
  • Store locator using geo location api
  • Programming languages using CSS, jQuery, HTML5, PHP, MySql and JSON/JSONP
  • I use jQuery for AJAX post for user registration and get for classes display
  • I use JSON for data model


  • Making the store locator works cross-browser
  • Making the site functional and seamlessly works in IE8
  • Making the overlay to display fixed or absolute position based on the screen size
  • Implementing JSONP
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